Наши категории товаров

E.M.A Trading гордится сотрудничеством с ведущими брендами в различных категориях, таких как продукты питания, напитки, одежда, обувь, чемоданы и сумки, часы и аксессуары первого класса, посуда, фарфор и хозяйственные товары, аксессуары для летних и зимних видов спорта, кемпинга, детские товары и многое другое.

Безалкогольные Напитки и Пиво

E.M.A Trading has great experience in supply of branded mineral and sparking water, juices, and a variety of beer and champagnes.


Due to our close relationships with the suppliers, EMA is able to deliver directly from the suppliers’ factories on a continual basis, with maximum shelf life, at full container loads, and at prices that are hard to beat.


Продукты и питания

E.M.A Trading specialized in distributing a wide range of food and confectionery products.


We work with all the leading brands to offer the highest quality items in the market. Our wide range of products includes pasta, sauces, candies, chocolates, cookies, snacks, milk powder, and cereals.

Часы и Аксессуары
Luxury and mid-range watches is one of the fastest growing categories for us.


We are happy to be among the biggest wholesalers of Swiss-made authentic watches, pens, sunglasses, and other elite items.

Посуда и Kухонная утварь

E.M.A Trading Ltd is engaged in the wholesale distribution of a wide range of kitchenware, homeware, and porcelain.


You can find almost any type of kitchen utensils, wine glasses, crystal glasses, cups and mugs, baking and pastry, storage boxes, chef’s knives, dishes, decorative pots and pans, tea and coffee pots, luxury towels, and more. 

Apparel and Footwear


As with all other categories, we focus on world-recognized brands of apparel, accessories, and footwear.


All goods are 100% authentic, and we will always offer the bestselling items of the current and upcoming seasons.






Suitcases and Bags


We work with the world-leading, high-end suitcase and bag brands, offering a wide variety of hard-shell suitcases, soft-case suitcases, carry-on luggage, laptop cases, spinners, and designers leather bags (SLG).


In our range, you will also find outdoor, activity, and athletic items, such as backpacks, rucksacks, climbing bags, travel bags, totes, and others.


Baby Products


The baby industry contains a wide variety of branded products.


We are proud to offer high-end baby strollers, carriages, car seats, toys, bottles, and many other products.


All products are supplied by premium grade-A brands.  



Hair, Skin, Body Care & Fragrances 


E.M.A specializes in offering unique branded body care and scent products manufactured by leading suppliers around the globe.

Most of our well-known suppliers use organic and natural products.


This category includes hair, skin, body, and beauty products, scented candles, soaps, shampoos, lotions, creams, etc.



Summer & Winter Sports


With 20 years’ experience in the winter and summer sports business, E.M.A Trading Ltd is connected to all the leaders in the ski, snowboard, and summer sports industries.


Our product range includes skis, snowboards, goggles, ski suits, helmets, bindings, boots, wakeboards, and more. 


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